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Golden Wax

Colored Wax Potions (Cosmetic Grade Powders)

Colored Wax Potions (Cosmetic Grade Powders)

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The Wax Industry just got 100 Times more Creative with our Colored Wax Potions.

Sprinkle A Tiny Percentage Of Our Wax Potion into Sensitive Wax Pro Hard Wax to Create The Ultimate Sensitive Wax Experiment. 

Our Wax Potions were crafted directly by Golden Wax Lab Creations. We produced the most beautiful customized Powders/Colors. You cannot find our colors anywhere else.

Our Potions will enhance your Sensitive Wax experience while still keeping the Wax Sensitive. Unlike other wax brands, these natural colored powders will not cause reactions for your clients. You get to enjoy colored wax without risking the quality of your service.

    All of Our Powders are Cosmetic Grade which mean they are:

    • Non-Toxic 
    • Heavy Metal-Free 
    • Vegan 

    When adding Powders to Cosmetics , it is essential to make sure they are 100% Cosmetic grade or else they are very toxic for the skin. We take pride in providing the highest quality of Powders on the market. 

    All orders over $120 include one free 1oz Colored Wax Potion. Add the Potion of your choice to your cart then use code "Potion" at checkout. 

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