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Sensitive Wax Pro (Hard Wax Beads)

Sensitive Wax Pro (Hard Wax Beads)

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Sensitive Wax Pro is the Ultimate Wax for Professionals that are willing to take the quality of their services to the next level. It is highest quality of Hard Wax on the Market today! Our formula has nuerosensitive properties that allows you to complete a wax service resulting in minimum to no pain for your client. Sensitive Wax Pro is pine, rosin, perfume, preservative, and dye free which means it can be used on the most sensitive skin without irritation and breakouts. This wax adheres to thin, short and very coarse hair(all hair types).

-Vegan/Animal Cruelty Free


- Unscented

- Dye Free

- Contains Butylcyclohexanol + 5% Lidocaine to Minimize Pain for Your Clients

- Our Wholesale orders will allow you to maximize your profits 

- Sensitive Wax Pro will change your service quality FOREVER!


All orders over $120 include one free 1oz Colored Wax Potion. Choose the Potion of your choice then use code "Potion" at checkout. 

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