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Golden Wax

Rich Yoni Wet Wet Kit

Rich Yoni Wet Wet Kit

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Our Elite Rich Yoni Wet Wet Kit is a MUST HAVE for your Yoni! We know that one product alone doesn't always do the job so we created this kit to get the WHOLE job done. 

Our Rich Yoni Wet Wet Kit is Infused with Boric Acid , Chlorophyll, Slippery Elm Bark, & Macaroon to Increase Vaginal Moisture, Regulate Ph Balance, Rid Bad Odor, Increase Sex Drive, and Fight BV/ Yeast Infections 🔥

​We Also Have Our Edible Peach Flavored Yoni Juice that Will Add A SWEET TASTE TO YOUR COOCHAY without Throwing Off Your PH 💦


Products Included:

Wet Wet Yoni Wash

Wet Wet Yoni Suppositories

Wet Wet Yoni Pops

Rich Yoni Wet Wet Juice


- Brighter Skin

- Improved Complexion

- Reduced Hyperpigmentation/ Ingrown Hair Scars

- Minimized Ingrown Hair Bumps / Infected Ingrown Hair Boils




Directions ( 1x a Day) (2x a Day for Accelerated Results)

1. Cleanse using our Rich Yoni Brightening Cleansing Pads 

2. Apply our Rich Yoni Brightening Mask and let it sit for 15 minutes . Rinse it off with warm water.

3. Dry your skin off & Rub one of our Rich Yoni Ingrown Fighter Pads onto the desired area. Let dry.

4. Follow up with our Rich Yoni Brightening Oil .


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